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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pump you up!

Spring is the perfect time to get into a new fitness plan. Something about the warm weather or maybe just the threat of wearing a bathing suit seems to get most out and active.  I have a love hate relationship with exercise.  I don't mind it when it involves walking while shopping, playing on the beach, or taking hikes but lifting weights at the gym or being a treadmill junkie has never been my thing.  Most of all I need an incentive beyond the promise of losing weight to get me going. I need friends behind me and a beer tent post race.

I'd like to share with you all some tips that have helped me over the years discover ways to stay active and enjoy it.  

A couple years ago I decided to take up running.  It seemed like a fast way to burn calories without spending too much cash in the process.  I was always the girl who struggled to get through the dreaded mile in gym class.  Starting running in my mid-twenties was not any easier than it was when I was fourteen. If I was going to make it down the street let alone a full mile I was going to need a plan.  It wasn't long until I discovered a wonderful program called Couch-to-5K.  This program helped me realize with a little time I could train to run a mile or even three! Whenever I have times where I fall off the running wagon and it does happen I resort back to the couch-to-5K program for a injury free way to get back on my feet.

Another great training plan I found which I am undertaking again is 100 pushups.  This program as it claims gets you doing 100 pushups in 6 short weeks.   I started tonight! Goodbye noodle arms!

Next, join a class. I am continuing with my hula hoop class and love it. It's 45 minutes long and offered through my work.  I think my favorite part is how fun it is.  I never feel as though class is long enough and all the laughing at myself works my abs wonderfully.

If classes are too public for you I recommend looking into exercise video games. I am completely obsessed with the Just Dance games.  They are fun, not too difficult, and they get you nice and sweaty all to some great music.

Finally, a great way to keep track of all that exercise and calories is myfitnesspal.  I use this to log in my calories every day and it helps stabilize me so that I don't consume more than I burn.  This website has a great facebook-esque set up which allows friends to find you and post inspiration on your wall.  You can block how much you want people to see but I find that being completely transparent with my friends keeps me on a healthier path. (If you wish to friend me on there send me an email or comment and I will gladly give you my screen name.)

Stay healthy and love yourself!


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