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Monday, March 19, 2012

easter bunnies part one

It should come as no surprise to anyone that we at three.bunnies love our bunny rabbits.  Often Taylor and I chat about one day owning a piece of land where we can start a bunny sanctuary because sadly there are just too many unwanted bunnies in the world.  That is why it is important that we offer our two cents this time of year about bunnies as Easter presents.

Bunnies are the one of the most wonderful pets you can own and one of the most challenging.  Simply put bunnies are SMART and MISCHIEVOUS.  They love trouble almost as much as they love carrots.  I am surprised daily how rewarding it can be to have a rabbit, how amazing it feels when they trust you and lay beside you, and how funny it can be to see them dance, shake, and roll.  I also have to remind myself daily that no matter how cute or cuddly my rabbit or any rabbit is they do not want to be picked up and squeezed until their eyes pop out.  Often we think that bunnies are cute and fluffy and therefore must be toys but they are fragile and they can and will fight back if they feel it's necessary.

If you are considering a pet rabbit for Easter please read part one and part two of our posts. We will break down the good, the bad, and the fluffy of having a rabbit.  Then continuing reading on these wonderful and informative sites:

Please be well informed before you decide to bring home a rabbit and don't take the decision too lightly!

If you decide after your reading that a real rabbit isn't for you or your house fear not here are some great real rabbit alternatives sure to please anyone on Easter.

For the Book Lover: Restoration Hardware

For the Mustache Lover: Frank Kozik for Kid Robot

For your Little Love: Land of Nod

For the Felt Lover: Etsy-needleandfelt

For the White-Chocolate-Zombie Lover: thinkgeek

For your Snuggle Lover: Bunnies by the Bay


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