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Thursday, March 15, 2012

yes, willy wonka there is a lent

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For Lent this year,  I decided to give something up and that something would be television.  I do a lot of crafting in front of the t.v., lately while working my way through all of the American version of Hell's Kitchen.  But it has been out of control lately spending entire evenings watching full seasons of shows. Giving up television has shown me just how addicted to it I have been.  There is a lot of free time in my day when I don't have hours to waste on the warm glow of the television.  I have tried to spend my time doing things that are positive in my life instead of finding a television replacement.  I am reading more often again, spending extra cuddle time with Mr. Moustachio, having conversations over dinner with Ryan, bird-watching, and exercising.  But also, I have found some excellent websites to waste time on (namely pinterest and regretsy) which is debatable whether they are positive supplements to my life.  Oh and of course memes! You just can't see too many of those or can you?

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