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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

rice krispies

I am a rice krispy treat fiend. My poor parents paid all too much money for me in college to only eat rice krispies out of the cafeteria.  I just can't get enough of their gooey-crunchy-ness. The only thing that could make a rice krispy better is if it was VEGAN!  So, to all my non-animal product friends or those who just wish to consume less animal products and learn more about a kind lifestyle:

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What you need:
-1 baking dish
-cooking spray (optional)
-rice puff cereal (you can go really all out and find some gluten-free organic kinds)
-Dandies marshmallows (or vegan equivalent)
-Earth Balance Buttery Sticks

From here you basically can follow the recipe on the box of cereal.  But for mine I was feeling a bit lazy and didn't want to prepare anything on the stove top. I also halved the recipe since I ate half the bag of Dandies upon purchasing them.

Directions for the microwave rebels:
In a microwave safe bowl, heat 2 cups marshmallows with 1 tbsp Earth Balance Butter.  Stir mixture occasionally to keep marshmallows from turning into marshmallow-man and taking over NYC.
Add 2-3 cups rice puffs.  I like to add a little less than what is called for because I prefer mine to be gooey and filled with vegan marshmallow lovin'. Once mixed put in sprayed cooking dish and let cool.  Cut and serve or eat as one giant bar.



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